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Women Cell of ITS Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad actively participated in the National Commission for Women (NCW), India sponsored One Day Webinar on Women Mental Health and Quality of Life of Married Working Women of India” organized by National Institute of Tech


Objective of the webinar was toCreate awareness and an understanding on various issues concerning women’s personal and professional lives. Empowering women, Building confidence & Promoting change . The were 5 Speakers in the session Mrs. Gopa Sanyal. Dr. Sudhakar Pandey Speaker, Dr. G R Sinha , Dr.Shashi Atulkar & Padma Shree Pulbashan Yadav (Social Worker) each panelist discussed about various issues like how depression is affecting women specially who are in their 40’s & emphasized upon that woman should frequently speak about their problems. Dr. Sudhaka talked about the struggle and sacrifices of the working women, Dr. Sinha enlightened the audience on quality of life. He discussed about the importance of good parenting and stressed upon the freedom in terms of choosing their career, Dr. Atulkar emphasized that married women should frequently share their feelings and thought with their spouse. She also highlighted that many successful women have started their career after their marriage, Padma Shree Pulbashan Yadav discussed about the issue of discrimination on the basis of caste and creed and negative impact early marriage of women which leads to mental stress. Altogether they discussed about how women could be empowered in the society.

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