ITS organizes summer training programmes in the second year, for the students to work in organization for a period of four weeks wherein they are expected to work on various functional areas and thereby get an opportunity to relate theory to practice. These training programs are organized during the student’s summer breaks. On the basis of their training students prepare the project reports under the guidance of industry mentor and faculty guide.

S.No Name Company
1 Anika Tyagi Share Khan
2 Siddhi Sharma Share Khan
3 Siukriti Jaitly Share Khan
4 Muskan Gagneja Share Khan
5 Shalini Sharma Share Khan
6 Komal Share Khan
7 Shivani Chauhan Share Khan
8 Shruti Pathak Share Khan
9 Aanchal Share Khan
10 Mansi Bhatnagar Share Khan
11 Shekhar Sharma Share Khan
12 Rajan Khurana Share Khan
13 Nitin Tyagi Share Khan
14 Simran Bhatia Share Khan
15 Abhishek Singhal Share Khan
16 Vikash Kumar Tiwari Share Khan
17 Kanishka Jha Share Khan
18 Sonali Srivastava Share Khan
19 Mohit Sharma Share Khan
20 Ankit Kumar Vashishth Share Khan
21 Divyansh Khandelwal Share Khan
22 Shray Agrawal Share Khan
23 Sandeep Upadhyay Share Khan
24 Shubham Singhal Share Khan
25 Kanishka Gaur Share Khan
26 Sakshi Singhal Share Khan
27 Nida Zehra Zaidi Share Khan
28 Ayush Gupta Share Khan
29 Ashu Raj Share Khan
30 Anshika Maheshwari Share Khan
31 Azharuddin Share Khan
32 Ankit Vishwakarma Share Khan
33 Yash Aggarwal Share Khan
34 Ayush Shukla Share Khan
35 Ayush Dhingra Share Khan
36 Mayank Kumar Share Khan
37 Akash Gupta Share Khan
38 Naman Joshi Share Khan
39 Swati Bansal Share Khan
40 Simran Rajput Share Khan
41 Vaishali Tyagi Share Khan
42 Rahul Srivastava Share Khan
43 Rajat tayal Share Khan
44 Hitesh Bhatt Share Khan
45 Preet Share Khan
46 Simran singhal Share Khan
47 Anand Kumar Share Khan
48 Sahil Agarwal Share Khan
49 Ashish bKumar Koundal Share Khan
50 Anjali Varshney Share Khan
51 Apurv Verma Share Khan
52 Aman Verma Share Khan
53 Devansh Aggarwal Share Khan
54 Mayank Kumawat Share Khan
55 Shunhra Dasgupta Share Khan
56 Rishabh Share Khan
57 Akshay Vats Share Khan
58 Subham Singhal Share Khan
59 Mohan Gupta Share Khan
60 Shantanu Dhamija Share Khan
61 Vipin Dubey Share Khan
62 Radhika Paliwal Share Khan
63 Prabodh Bharti Share Khan
64 Subham Raghaw Share Khan
65 Neha Singh Bajaj Capital
66 Nida Zehra Zaidi Bajaj Capital
67 Muskan Gagneja Bajaj Capital
68 Devansh Aggarwal Bajaj Capital
69 Anjali Varshney Bajaj Capital
70 Shalini Sharma Bajaj Capital
71 Mayank Kumar Bajaj Capital
72 Abhishekh Gupta Bajaj Capital
73 Varsha Chaudhary Bajaj Capital
74 Deepshikha Bajaj Capital
75 Ananya Kulshrestha Bajaj Capital
76 Samarth Goyal Bajaj Capital
77 Mahak Arora Bajaj Capital
78 Ishlok Mittal Bajaj Capital
79 Pooja Singhal Bajaj Capital
80 Nishi Garg Bajaj Capital
81 Eshita Tomar Bajaj Capital
82 Mayank Tyagi Bajaj Capital
83 Tanya Chaudhary Bajaj Capital
84 Jayant Tomar Bajaj Capital
85 Shivani Kapoor Bajaj Capital
86 Ayush Dhingra Bajaj Capital
87 Divya UAS
88 Abhishek Gupta UAS
89 Tanya chaudhary UAS
90 Abhishek Kumar UAS
91 Shubhi Agarwal UAS
92 Avi Dixit UAS
93 Ajay Singh Bisht UAS
94 Ruhani Bhatia UAS
95 Rishabh Goel UAS
96 R. vaishnavi UAS
97 sahil Goel UAS
98 Ishlak mital UAS
99 Mushkan Karana UAS
100 Arpit Gupta UAS
101 Dolly Sharma UAS
102 Sahil Mahendroo UAS
103 Akshit Gupta UAS
104 Yogesh Chaudhary UAS
105 Shivam Punjabi UAS
106 Priyanka Aggarwal UAS
107 Rishabh chandel UAS
108 Mayank Tyagi UAS
109 Anamika jain UAS
110 Rishabh bhardwaj UAS
111 Shubham Zaghav UAS
112 Aparna Parihar UAS
113 Sidharth S UAS
114 Vineet Bhati UAS
115 Sakshi Dhaka UAS
116 Shreya Singh UAS
117 Mohd Rizwan UAS
118 Anurag Kumar Sharma UAS
119 Kopal Jain UAS
120 Kanika Aggarwal UAS
121 Udit Singhal UAS
122 Komal Karakoti UAS
123 Shubhangi Bhardwaj UAS
124 Anuj Mittal UAS
125 Jestin Stanly UAS
126 Sonam Chaudhary UAS
127 Damodar Ravi UAS
128 Samarth Goyal UAS
129 Himanshu Garg UAS
130 Radhika Paliwal UAS
131 Manish Kumar UAS
132 Hema Chauhan UAS
133 Mohit Goel UAS
134 Aman Jain UAS
135 Veerbabu Sony UAS
136 Shubham Singhal UAS
137 Varsha Chaudhary UAS
138 Deepshikha UAS
139 Daisy Kaushik UAS
140 Anmol Agarwal UAS
141 Shray Agrawal UAS
142 Sandeep Upadhyay UAS



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