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Extracurricular activities are an area of concern for many college applicants.

I.T.S has a broad educational mission  to develop the extracurricular activities to  "whole student."

A wide and diversified range of extracurricular activities exist on I.T.S UG campus, meeting a variety of student interests.

Each student has varying interests or talents. I.T.S offers various cultural clubs, which will enable him/her to decide which area to explore.

• Literary Club: The vibrant club holds debates, extempore, paper presentations etc.

• Music and Dance Club: Students interested in fine arts have a plethora of extracurricular opportunities in which they can actively participate. Activities including music, and dance concerts offer a chance for students to demonstrate their dramatic abilities.

• Sports Club: Student athletes may "try out" this club for inter collegiate sports teams such as Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Chess etc. Being a varsity athlete requires a great commitment of time and energy for practicing, conditioning, and competing. Sports club provide an opportunity for all student athletes to play a sport they enjoy, while competing against their peers.

• Social Service Club: The main aim of this club is to help the needy & to go towards higher kind of social responsibility.

• Theatre club: The club conducts various full length plays, live performers to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience.

•  Fine Arts Club - This club inspires the inner artist in young explore the world of art and crafts.

•  Library Club - This club is heaven for all those ‘bookworms’ who want to see the world through the pages pf a fine book.

•  Mass Communication Club - This club inspires students to

Other Activities- In addition to the specific extracurricular activities previously mentioned, other activities exist on I.T.S UG campus are:

• Scholarship Ceremony, to recognize student scholars, often in a certain academic discipline, who maintain a specific grade/percentage. 

• Navtarang, a fiesta for undergraduates where creativity, passion & imagination takes wings.

• Dandiya night, in which students are given opportunity to enjoy auspicious days of Navratras .

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