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Webinar on “Financial Ratios: Understanding Business Finance” for the students of BBA II and IV Semester on February 25, 2020


A Webinar on “Financial Ratios; Understanding Business Finance” was organized for the students of BBA II and IV Semester on February 25, 2020. Mr Suhas Shetiya, Head of New Markets, Enparadigm was the Presenter of the Webinar. Key takeaways were:

What are financial ratios and how to analyze financial ratios?

What do ratios tell us or benefit of ratio analysis?

The Presenter focussed on Importance of ratio analysis, as running a company involves continual examination and evaluation of its business performance. To ensure the continued profitability of your enterprise, use financial ratios to measure and evaluate it. The importance of financial ratios becomes evident when you compare important data such as assets and liabilities. Once you understand your margin of safety, you can make important decisions to run your business successfully. The Presenter explained using the example of companies like, Flipkart, Suzlon, Amazon, Apple etc.


It was a good session full of learning.

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