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Visit to GEM International Sustainability Conclave & Expo 2020 on 24 January, 2020 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


 Behind this event is to gain student  knowledge about the conference how it is conducted how the eminent personality from different fields talk about the current event and share their knowledge and experience which would really having an eye opener for them.

I.T.S UG Campus organized a visit to the GEM International Sustainability Conclave & Expo 2020 on 23 January, 2020 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The visit was attended by 25 students from BBA & BCA 1 and 2 year and 1 faculty member. The theme of the conclave was Sustainable Buildings – Let’s Create a Better Earth for the Next Generation. The Faculty co-coordinators and students attended a technical session on the topic “To create a sustainable building, sustainable Environment, overcome pollution, Best way to recycle the waste material and How to control the problems of human healh”. The experts and speakers of the session were Architects, Engineers, Green Project consultants and Landscape developers. Audience of the session was from industry, Architects, Academician, Engineers and Students. Panalist explained the presence of undesirable substances in the environment which are harmful to man and other organisms. They also emphasized that there has been a significant increase in the levels of harmful environmental pollution mostly due to direct or indirect human activities in the recent past.

Technical session was concluded with the remark that the goal of environmental sustainability should be to conserve natural resources and to develop alternate sources of power while reducing pollution and harm to the environment. It is a development that meets the needs of present without compromising the needs of future generations to come.

After the discussion, the queries of the students were taken and insights were given that how we as human can contribute in sustaining the environment by saving water, electricity and soil etc.

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