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The Sports Club- ‘Strikers’ at I.T.S UG Campus Organized a Push-Ups Challenge competition for BBA and BCA students on November12, 2020.


A recent study released by the Harvard Department of Environmental Health claims an association between the number of push-ups a person can do and the likelihood of suffering from a cardiovascular event. According to the study, participants who were able to do 40 or more push-ups were 96% less likely to have cardiovascular disease than participants who could do 10 or less. With the findings of this study in mind, “Strikers” – The Sports club took an initiative to improve the health of students by motivating our studens to identify the benefits of push-ups and learn the best strategies to increase the amount of push-ups they could do. Therefore, a Push-Ups Challenge Competition was organized as performing physical exercises is very essential for overall health and development of students particularly now-a-days where children are confined inside the boundaries of their homes due to the prevailing pandemic.

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