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Report of Workshop on "Cyber Crimes, Preventive Measures and the Procedure as How to Report If Something Happens" on 16th December, 2021”


I.T.S UG campus Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized a workshopon titled "Cyber Crimes, Preventive Measures and the Procedure as How to Report If Something Happens" for BCA/BBA students on16th December, 2021. The speakers of the workshop were Shri Rahul Sharma, Advisor-Cyber Security, UP Police and Shri Abhay Mishra, PPS, Dy. SP, Nodal Officer, Cyber Cell-Ghaziabad. Vice Principal UG Campus Prof. Nancy Sharma express her gratitude to distinguished speakers for accepting our request and also briefed students that Cybersecurity becomes the need of the hour for companies around the world and this is the right time to educate ourselves about the cyber crime happening around us.Dr. Sunil Pandey, Director UG, ITS welcomed the guest and with his inspirational words told the students that there are certain things which are above technology which has social impacts, human impacts, mental and physical impacts that we need to understand. How this technology existed, what kind of vulnerabilities are present and how to keep ourselves safe from cyber crimes and above all if something happens, how to take it forward. Shri Abhay Mishra started his session with a slogan “JAANKARI HI BACHAO HAI”. He stated when he came to Ghaziabad as a nodal officer cyber cell, there was no cyber cell established in Ghaziabad. He told that he was the only one who started cyber cell in Kotwali, Ghantaghar, Ghaziabad. He also stated that he prefer addressing to school and college students rather than adults because youth likes to share every single bit of information they get with the elders and youngers. In this way if they are addressing 40 individuals, indirectly they are addressing 4000 people. He also told the audience how to report if something happens. One can report any type of cybercrime via two methods either via a phone call or online via the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. First of all, one should report any type of cyber fraud by dialing the helpline number of the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal which is 155260. Also, one can contact local area police in case of any emergency and also for reporting any other crimes. The national police helpline number is 100 and the national women’s helpline number is 181. One can also use the National Cyber Crime Reporting portal to report cyber crimes related to women & children and other online crimes like financial frauds, ransom ware, etc.He also stated that one can file a complaint against any cybercrime irrespective of where the crime occurred. Shri Rahul Sharma said that we are living in a digital era, where we access the internet at our fingertips while we know about advantages there are some disadvantages too. Sometimes we have to face a cyber crime, maybe directly or indirectly, we become victim to cyber crimes, maybe someone made a fraud online, or our social media account got hacked, or someone might be misusing your photo over the internet, maybe our friends or relatives faced this type of incidents, we want to help them out, not only this there are several reasons to report a cyber crime When people face huge financial loss due to cyber frauds then they concern about reporting a cyber crime, if they think the amount is too low then they simply ignore it, this is an opportunity for fraudsters to keep scamming people because there wasn’t any FIR on them and they have nothing to worry about, cyber crime is not limited to financial frauds, it’s even much wider. To help people stay safe from becoming a victim of cyber crime, there are some precautions that one could take such as, Using a strong password, Never disclose account details to anyone or any personal data to someone on the internet or on the phone, Use a trusted anti-virus, Never send credit/debit card details on any untrusted sites, Protect Wi-Fi. With this the workshop came to an end. The audience was satisfied and learned a lot about cyber security in a hope that they can take actions if they face any of it in this world full of technology.

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