ITS UG Campus organized Puzzle competition by Math Club on October 1, 2019.


The objective behind this competition is to encourage the Students quantitative skills and to acknowledge their interests in Mathematics.

Total 14 students participated in the event from all years of BBA and BCA. Students reviewed various questions in the Puzzle Competition. Puzzle competition helps students identify the real potential, which can help them survive better in today's modern competitive world. Puzzle competition motivates students to strive for a better and deeper understanding of scientific facts so that their logical analytical and problem solving can be enhanced. Puzzle competition not only improve the logical thinking and help in brainstorming but also enhance the analytical and reasoning ability, problem-solving skills, and confidence. Overall, it helps in the development of a child at a young stage. In this Competition GarimaTyagi from BCA-VSem Sec-D was the winner and Nikhil Gupta from BCA-IIISem Sec –D was the first runner-up &VidhiBansal From BCA-VSem Sec- C was the second runner-up emerged as winners.

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