Foreign Collaborations

In today’s era global connections are important for student and faculty growth. We believe that fruitful ideas come from crossing traditional boundaries. I.T.S is responsive to the need of providing international perspective to the student and faculty through faculty exchange, student exchange, summer school, study abroad tours, inviting faculty from other countries and cross country research. The aim is to give the students a global experience, exposure, knowledge, competence and skill desired for the current market/job scenario. With this view I.T.S embarked upon efforts of building international network of partner institutions in foreign countries. We have MOUs with following Institutions/Universities. We are looking forward to enhance our institutional partnerships and are exploring to strike new collaborations with Universities/Institutions of repute.

1) MDIS, Singapore

2) Nanyang Singapore

3) Valparaiso University, US

4) STI Education , Phillipines

5) UNIR, Spain

6) Jan Wyzykowski University , Poland

7) EC- Council Univerisity , New Mexico

8) Putra Business School , Malaysia

9) AIESEC , Canada

10) IDRAC business School , France

 Industry Academia Collaboration

Academia and industry are two important pillars of our economy. A robust collaboration between the two will augur well, enabling innovation, growth in the education system and producing an employment-ready workforce. Both share a symbiotic relationship. Academia produces graduates who are absorbed by industry. Research work in Academic Institutions/universities are taken up by the industry and turned into products and services. Industry on the other hand looks to academia for solutions to their concerns. It would like universities to tailor their courses to turn out graduates whose skill-set are aligned to industry requirements. Often new research topics arise out of interaction between the duos which benefit both academia and industry.

The latter therefore funds focused research in universities which they can operationalize. This may include setting up laboratories, and providing guest faculty, organizing workshops, live projects, internships, pre-placement offers and placement opportunities. 

With the objective to strengthen & further the industry academia linkage and jointly work towards promoting co-operation and advancing academic and business exchange and to create a talented and skill based community of employable students and faculty who excel in teaching, training and research in creating stimulating environment I.T.S has entered in to MOUs/LOEs in the areas of Banking and Finance, Retail, FMCG, Information Technology etc. with following companies:

1.Ursa Minor Consulting Private Limited, Mumbai

2.TCSION, India

3.Bajaj Capital , India

4.TED Shark  Labs , UK

5.Conduria Online , India

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