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ITS UG Campus organizing an Online Boot Camp on “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligencefor BCA (Ist&IInd Year) Students from August 31st to September 4th,2021.


Day 1 Report The 5 days Online Boot Camp on “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence” was inaugurated on 31th August 2021. The workshop will focus on Basic understanding and practical implementations of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and insights regarding basics of statistics for Machine Learning. Students will get in-depth knowledge about the topic. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Sunil Pandey-Director (UG), Prof. Nancy Sharma – Vice-Principal (UG), I.T.S Ghaziabad. In the beginning,Dr. Sunil Pandey-Director (UG), I.T.S Ghaziabad briefed about the objective and importance of the workshop. Dr. Pandey discussed about the history of Machine learning and also discussed about the trend from Turing Machine to Machine learning and AI. He also discussed that the learning of ML is Important for everyone .Further he discussed that students should focus to know the concepts for clear understanding. He also mentioned that it will create the new doors of opportunity for the students. He also discussed that after learning the concepts of Machine learning, students would be able to create their own applications on this domain. At Last,Dr.Pandey gave the best wishes to all the students for the success and full of learning of this Boot Camp. Prof. Nancy Sharma – Vice-Principal (UG), I.T.S Ghaziabad, said that I.T.S always takes initiative to provide in-depth knowledge to students and align them to the corporate world. She said that technical knowledge plays a key role in achieving success and it requires a lot of concentration no matter it is online or Offline mode. She emphasized that the online platform will be helpful for students in sharpening their skills. Finally Prof. Nancy Sharma gave best wishes for the successful completion of the Boot Camp to all the students and also to the guest of the session. The Guest speaker of the day was Mr.PrashantGangwar.Mr.Gangwar has delivered more than 200 IBM Trainings under IBM Career Education program pan India.He has taught More than 5000 students and professionals on machine learning and Artificial intelligence.He developed more than 100 Functional Projects for IBM career Education program.He has been Guided More Than 20000 Students to Develop Projects Using Java/J2EE in Various Colleges and Universities around India.He had delivered 50 trainings on Big Data Hadoop using IBM Infosphere Big insights v3.0 that include Hadoop technologies like Google’s MapReduce, IBM JAQL and BigSQL,Yahoo’s PIG and Facebook’s HIVE and other Hadoop Components like SQOOP, FLUME, HDFS and spark. In the starting of the session , speaker briefed about the basic concepts of Statistics with highly impactful presentation , which is useful for Machine Learning. He discussed about the Mean, Median, mode concept of statistics with practical implementation and with the help of MS- excel. Further he discussed about the below points: 1. grouping the data? 2. How to calculate the mean Value of the group data ? 3. How to freeze the values, predefined functions like ABS(), COUNT(). 4. Calculating the Variance, Standard Deviation, dispersion. 5. Calculating Z- Score for calculating the outlier values. 6. A very important concept of BOX PLOT were discussed with practical implementation. 7. Normal distribution curve, Probability, skewness , kurtosis are important concepts were discussed by the speakers . With all above concept, speaker also implemented all the concepts with the help of Anaconda – python (IDE). During the session, speaker gave many assessment tests to the students for their clear understanding. Students asked lot of questions related to the topic and also asked their doubts related to the topic. He guided the students about the interview questions that can be asked from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in future.

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