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ITS UG Campus organized a very special session on Numero- Vastu by renowned expert Mr. Nitin Gupta on January 21st, 2023


ITS UG Campus has organized a very special session on Numero - Vastu by renowned expert Mr. Nitin Gupta on 21st January, 2023 for all interested faculty and staff members. Nitin Gupta is a Número - Vastu expert with over 21 years of experience in the field of consulting & training of Numerology and Vastu - Shastra. An MBA and a Gold Medalist (in Electronics) from Delhi University, Mr. Nitin has spent over a decade in researching and understanding the cosmic links between Numbers, Space and Destiny. The objective of this wonderful session was to give opportunity to faculty and staff members to know about interesting facts and easy solutions of the very common problems faced by many of us in our routine life. The Speaker talked about Numerology, Astrology and Vastu - shastra in details. Things like: 1.How small things available at homes or office etc create issues and affect our lives. 2. Negativity produced by Garbage or wrongly placed things. 3. How things can be better just by putting minor changes and many more. More than 30 people attended this informative session and many questions. The Speaker not only replied all the questions but suggested ways also to overcome issues faced by people.

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