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ITS UG Campus organized 2 days Online Workshop on “Amazon Web Services Clouds” for BCA (Ist & IInd Year) Students from August20 to August21, 2021.


The 2nd day Online Workshop on “Amazon Web Services (AWS) Clouds” from 20th to 21st August 2021 for BCA (Ist & IInd Year) students was Started at 9:30 AM. The Guest speaker of the day was Mr. Gaurav Dwivedi Cloud Engineer, Talent software services Gurugram. In continuation with the concept of AWS, speaker discussed about the creation of private and public Instance of the AWS practically. Speaker also shown practically that how we can create the window server and how to login in the AWS server.Speaker also discussed about the concept of Remote Desktop Connections, Creation of Subnets, Connection of VPC’s(Virtual Private Cloud) and also with the peering concepts with VPC’s . After the Creation of VPC’s, Speaker discussed the very important concepts of how to create the AMI (Amazon Machine Images) and also to configure it practically and step by step process to create it. After workshop, Students have clear idea about the configuration of AMI and the necessary steps needed in AWS which were discussed by the speaker.He also discussed about the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) and the use of ICMP and pinging policies which is used with respect to ICMP. He guided the students about the interview questions that can be asked from them in future. Then hediscussed about the Amazon certification and the use of certification in industries. Speaker also discuss about the Network protocols like TCP/IP, layering concept of Networking with examples for clear understanding of all the layers and MAC protocol. At Last, Dr. Sunil Pandey-Director (UG), I.T.S Ghaziabad concluded the session and briefed about the objective and importance of the workshop. He discussed about the practical and detailed explanation given by the speaker to the students,He explained the important aspects of cloud technologies and also mentioned that it can only be understood with the help of any expert,further he discussed about the opportunities for the students created by attending these 2- Day workshop. Healso mentioned about the career opportunities, Placement process andcoursesthat students can opt in future related to AWS. He concluded his address by briefing the Importance of learning latesttechnologies like Machine Learning, AI, Data Science. At the end, The plaque of honour was presented to the Speaker of the day Mr. Gaurav Dwivedi.

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