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I.T.S UG Campus organised Alumni Talk Series “Journey from Campus to Corporate corridors” for BCA First Year students (Batch 2021-2024) on December 18, 21


The Alumni Talk Series is a potpourri of potential meaning that it provides everyone involved in it myriad of benefits. The main aim is to develop and maintain long term relationships with the alumni working in a multitude of fields; this in turn leads to the fulfillment of another objective that is to utilize the rich experience of bygone students of the college such that it aids the present students in their endeavor for better employment and higher studies. Furthermore, it aims to maintain an enumeration of all the alumni and update the data base with the same. Ultimately, it also encourages the students to become eager about their professional careers and when the time comes to ultimately flourish in it as well. Mr. Alok Dwivedi, Business Operations Analyst, Accenture, alumnus of BCA (2011-14) Batch was the speaker of the session. The session was organized for BCA Ist Year Batch (2021-24) students. He shared his pearls of wisdom on the topic “Journey from Campus to Corporate Corridors” and explained to the students the challenges that a fresh graduate used to face when entering the corporate world. Being an experienced professional he shared valuable insight about the practical and inner workings of the industry. He shared his professional career timeline and talked to the students about the various issues that he faced. He worked with a variety of companies facing different types of problems that he was capable of turning into opportunities with his skills. In addition to this, he told the students about knowing when to switch companies according to the growth of the company and also if you start facing stagnancy. He also encouraged the students by mentioning the achievements of his batch mates. Additionally, he talked about the importance of being confident in your communication and public dealing skills. He claimed that college is the perfect chapter of our lives to interact with people of diverse and colorful backgrounds leading to a broadened perspective. He also encouraged the students to tap into the unexplored side of their personality and try to find what they like to do apart from the curriculum portion. According to him this could be achieved by stepping out of our comfort zones and participating in various clubs even if we don’t particularly excel in them. He also briefed that how I.T.S and Faculty Members played important role in his life. He was part of Theatre Club and also made graffiti in front walls of Sports Complex and Main Gate. He finished the session off by saying that in order to thrive in life we need to give up habits that are detrimental to our dreams and aspirations. Overall the session was full of vigor and twittering voices could be heard from every direction. All in all, it left the students feeling vivified and full of exuberance.

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