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ITS Mohannagar, UG Campus organized “PRARAMBH- 2023” 5-day ORIENTATION PROGRAMME of BCA 27th Batch (2023-2026) (Day-1)


The grand Inaugural Ceremony of 05 Days Orientation Program for 27th batch of BCA Course (2023-26) on Monday, 4th September 2023 started with the gracious presence of Honourable Vice Chairman-I.T.S-The Education Group Shri Arpit Chadha, Eminent Speakers of the Industry Capt. Felix Mohan, CEO, CISO Cyber Security, Dr. Rajesh Mohan Rai, HR Strategist & Business Coach, Ex Regional Head, HR Microsoft, Shri Manoj Chugh, Member Board, Mahindra and Mahindra, Director-IT & UG, Dr Sunil Kumar Pandey and Prof Nancy Sharma, Vice Principal, UG Campus. The program started with lamp lighting and seeking the blessing of Maa Sarasvati by Guests, Director & Vice Principal, UG Campus, BCA courses chairperson & I-year coordinator. Honourable Vice Chairman-I.T.S-The Education Group, Shri Arpit Chadha in his inspirational address said “Completing your academic journey is more than just gaining knowledge; it's about personal growth. While there may be shortcuts in life, genuine and lasting success stems from hard work and dedication. Remember, being the top scorer isn't the only measure of success. Strive to be an all-rounder by engaging in extracurricular activities, joining clubs, and applying what you learn in real-life situations. Don't confine yourself to academics alone. Make wise choices, take breaks when needed, but never give up. Enjoy your time at ITS and seize every opportunity”! Director-IT & UG, Dr Sunil Kumar Pandey briefed the students about the contribution of I.T.S over the last 28 years in producing budding IT professionals. He said that getting placed in a company of repute is the dream of every student joining I.T.S., Their dreams come true as we provide placements in the best of the companies like TCS, Infosys, HCL, Deloitte, Wipro, Amazon etc. He advised the students to enjoy the growth of the investment they made by taking admission at I.T.S. Prof Nancy Sharma, Vice Principal, UG Campus congratulated Happy, Young and Bright Minds, marking the beginning of a new chapter of their life as a student of a professional course BCA. She gave an overview of the various academic, and non-academic opportunities available for the all-round development of the students at UG campus. She said that every student joins I.T.S with the objective of becoming a successful IT professional and I.T.S provides an excellent environment that facilitates the students to achieve that objective. She congratulated all the students for selecting I.T.S as the destination for the beginning of new chapter of their life. Capt. Felix Mohan in his address gave 3 blocks of success: Respect -respect for your parents, for your teachers because at the end they'll be the one who'll be most happy about your success and achievements, Be well prepared and have Honesty and Integrity. Shri Manoj Chugh in his address said that , the 3 years of your college life are the most important time where you'll learn to be in discipline, confidence and start learning to work in a team. Start working in a team and work for your start-ups now. Make sure you learn and study hard, build up your confidence, and volunteer yourself for any of the innovative programs He motivated students to fulfill their & their parent’s dreams. Dr. Rajesh Mohan Rai – A great start with the most amazing coordination which filled students with a great amount of 'josh' in them!! Do you have the courage to decide the goal you want to achieve? If not make it now, have the courage and "Do not hesitate to get your learning" mind and any decision He wished and congratulated ITS Family on providing great opportunities to the students for last 26 years. He further explained the exact meaning of institutional vision and mission. He explained the worth of practicality in everything what students learn. He also focused on learning from values adhered by the students in each aspect of life. Prof. (Dr.)Vidushi Singh, BCA course chairperson introduced BCA course, its legacy and success mantra to students. She spoke on various activities conducted at the campus for the students in order to ensure their overall development. All the dignitaries congratulated & welcomed the newly admitted students for selecting the best institute i.e. I.T.S, for pursuing their professional degree course and wished them for a bright future ahead. At the end all the dignitaries were given a vote of thanks by BCA 1st year coordinator- Prof. Ravi Govil.

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