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I.T.S Mohan Nagar UG Campus organized Placement Readiness Enhance Programme (PREP- 2023) for BCA students Batch 2021-2024 (Day-7)


First session was taken by Prof. Neerja Anand on “Emotional Intelligence” . The session was very helpful for all the students to understand the week points which may lead for their slow growth. She has also differentiate low EQ and high EQ persons and the quality they process. The session was very helpful for students to work on our weak points and build a strong personality. She also explained how to be positive in stress and in negative situations. Second session was taken Second session was taken by “Ms. Anjali Gupta” , Trainer- Pro Synergy Analytics on “Tableau”. The session was very interactive and she asked many questions and gave many questions to the students based on Tableau. She explained tableau with proper neatness and professionally .She gave the basic introduction of tableau like how to install, how to work using tableau. She mentioned the various types of tableau products available and difference between them, and how to use the basic functions on tableau and why it is useful. The third session was taken by Mr. K.S. Panwar on aptitude test. In today's session sir has covered many important topic that are frequently asked in aptitude test such as questions related to Time and distance , ratio and proportion, work and time, mixtures with very easy tricks and shortcut . He also gave questions on each topic to the students to solve them. Overall all the session was very interesting and helpful for all the students. The topic was clearly discussed with solutions of sample questions.

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