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I.T.S Mohan Nagar UG Campus organized Placement Readiness Enhance Programme (PREP- 2023) for BBA students Batch 2021-2024 (Day-8)


In today’s session of PREP -23 , the first session session was taken by Prof. Yamini Negi” on “Excel”. Mam explained the use of macros in Excel to efficiently manage the data. Adding to that she taught some other functions which can help in filtering and copying the data based on the given criteria. Further she discussed about the chart, filtering, sorting the data by taking examples. Second session was taken by “Ms. Anjali Gupta” , Trainer- Pro Synergy Analytics on “Tableau”, a very popular tool to maintain the data. She gave the basic introduction of tableau like how to install, how to work using tableau. She mentioned the various types of tableau products available and difference between them, and how to use the basic functions on tableau and why is it useful . Third session was taken by Prof. Manoj Kumar . He shared thoughtful remarks on personality and opportunity seeking. He was able to fill a motivational zeal in students. He shared various anecdotes related to behavioral aspects. At last , Ms. Divya gupta briefed about Resume Building . She shared the actual layout of a resume, She stated certain points which a students need to surely mention in a resume to clearly make an impact on the recruiter.

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