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ITS Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad UG Campus Technotrix Club organized an Online Treasure Hunt for BCA and BBA students on November 27,2020.


Treasure Hunt is all about intense high logical thinking. Treasure hunts challenges the students to think and use their creativity to solve clues. If designed well, they will be compelled to think and use common knowledge to play well. At every step of the hunt, they will have to think individually. This is one of the best way to creativity An Online Treasure Hunt was conducted for all BCA and BBA students of II and III year in which all the participants were provided with a website link . The treasure hunt was held in solo mode. No teams were allowed. Every participant played individually. The tournament had no elimination format. Participants were provided with a website link and a time of 45 minutes to find all 5 treasures. All treasures were basically in the form of tasks. Participants had to find or solve the question to get the task. In any case, he/she were unable to find or solve the question then they had the choice to move further for another task. After finding tasks, they all had to complete all the tasks in sequence. After completion of tasks, they had to submit the images to a google form. Based on the first submission with correct tasks in sequence, the top 3 position holders were decided :

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