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ITS Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad UG Campus Technotrix Club organized an Online Quiz for BCA and BBA students on 24 September’20


Objective: With an aim to go beyond academics, Technotrix Club has organized an online Quiz to enhance our students knowledge and analytical skills .The theme of the quiz was “Computing - 90s vs The 21st Century”. Description: 1. The students were told connect through laptop and to keep their phone free for answering the correct option of the questions that they could see on their laptop screen. 2. The quiz was played through Kahoot.it . Every question had 4 options and they were able to mark the correct answer through their phone and the top 5 scorers kept on getting displayed on their laptop screen. 3. For every question, time limit was 30 seconds, the marks were allotted on the basis of time a student took to answer. After 30 seconds, the next question appeared. 4. There were 5 rounds of 10 question per round, so in total 50 questions.

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