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IT Club of I.T.S Mohan Nagar,UG Campus organized 02 Days Workshop on “Internet of Things”for BCA II year students on December 20th-21th, 2022


IT Club of I.T.S UG Campus has organized 02 Days Workshop on“Internet of Things” on 20-21 December, 2022 for BCA II year students batch (2022-25). IoT is network of interconnected computing devices which are embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. This workshop was one among 04 different parallel workshops being organized for BCA-II year students, interested students participated in this very useful, practical and interesting workshop in which they learned concept and practically designed small circuits using Arudino board, sensors and other equipments. Trainer of this workshop Prof. Abhay Kumar Ray taught things practically. He demonstrated different types of sensors, their applications and connectivity with Arudino board to create small but functioning modules. The main objective of conducting this workshop with this topic was to give exposure to the students about applications of PYTHON, use of Arudino boards and use of sensors. All participants got the participation certificate

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