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“Staff Development Program” on “Effective Communication - Panacea for Success” on 23 May , 2020


Importance of communication has always been realized in all times because it is the most vital means by which people are connected together in society. However, today communication plays a crucial role in almost all aspects of life. Work in business, government or organizations are impossible without communication.
Realizing the need of effective communication skills, Honorable Vice Chairman, I.T.S - The Education Group, Mr. Arpit Chahda, conceptualized the idea of a “Staff Development Program” on “Effective Communication - Panacea for Success” for entire staff team of I.T.S, Mohan Nagar. The session was started by Vice Chairman sir stating the need of effective communication skills in order to deal with not only co-workers but also with students, their parents and various companies’ personnel who visit our campus for different purposes. Director - UG, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey said if people use the tool of communication effectively and efficiently then many problems in any organization can be avoided. Vice Principal - UG, Prof. Nancy Sharma, laid down the importance of self-development through enhancement of communication skills in order to achieve success, in both, personal and professional life.
The main topics covered during SDP were importance of communication along with barriers of communication. The need to know various aspects of non-verbal communication was also stressed upon. The participants were made aware of how various body gestures, hand movements, eye movements, tone of the voice etc, impact their communication skills and what are the different ways to improve them.
Few exercises such as reading exercise, personal experience sharing, storytelling etc made the session more interesting and easy to participate into. The participant came forward with their personal experiences and tried to relate those with the learning of this session. Many interesting thought were laid down by participants as one of them rightly suggested to be a learner throughout one’s life if one wish to succeed. Discussions were also held on questions related to use of profanities, importance of intonations, how to improve one’s English language, confidence over content etc and suggestions were also given by participants to each other.
Overall the session was very productive and participants learnt a lot about gaps in their communication skills.


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