I.T.S received Best private under graduate college in India 2018 award for outstanding & exemplary contribution towards education & skill from CEGR IV higher education summit 2018. |CONGRATULATIONS !!! ITS-UG CAMPUS received GRADE-'A' in NAAC ACCREDITATION. ITS Mohannagar UG Campus is awarded Best Private Management College for UG Programmes (BBA & BCA ) by ASSOCHAM. "We are pleased to announce that I. T. S. is Oracle Workforce Development Programme (OWDP) Partner."

Alumni Speak

I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at I.T.S. The thing I admire the most about I.T.S is the support I received from everyone at the college. Faculties are really kind and their way of teaching is really interesting. They are also very motivational. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring environment.

Name :Avneet Bhargava
Organization : Voicetree Technologies Pvt Ltd
Designation :Head Resource Management
College Batch:BCA (2004-2007)


.                                                                                                                                            .

I congratulate my college for making such a huge progress. Recently when I visited India back in August, I got a chance to visit the campus and I was so impressed with brilliant infrastructure which has come out.I am still in touch with most of my batchmates from I.T.S and we all agree at one point that we are very proud to be part of I.T.S family. Thanks to my college for giving such a great platform and imparting such a brilliant knowledge to us which help us in making our future.

Name :Garima Singh
Organization : Virgin Media,Middleware,UK
Designation :Java Developer,
College Batch:BCA BCA (2000-2003)


.                                                                                                                                            .

I.T.S is an institute where I have learned beyond the books.Supporting faculty and personality development programmes were always the best part of my course.Being ITSian is always a matter of pride for me.

Organization : Tommy Hilfiger
Designation :CRO
College Batch:BBA (2013-2016)


.                                                                                                                                            .

I.T.S is the excellent place for learning.It has given me wonderful opportunities. I.T.S has given me guidance not only in the field of education but also in overall development.The faculty is so cooperative and helpful.I feel proud to be a part of I.T.S family and it will remain in my memories forever.My heartiest gratitude to career counseling center and placement team of I.T.S.

Name :Gunjan mishra
Organization : HCLTechnologies,USA
Designation :Lead engineer
College Batch:BCA(2005-2008)


.                                                                                                                                            .

I.T.S is one of the best institutes in NCR.According to me I.T.S means “Its Time to Secure “ our life.It provides the best faculty and a great learning environment.Thank you I.T.S for fulfilling all my dreams and making me a true corporate giant.

Name :Nitin Sharma
Organization : Total System Security
Designation :Senior Analyst
College Batch:BCA (2004-2007)


.                                                                                                                                            .

I.T.S has played a key role in moulding and improvising my life.It has helped me immensely in enabling my growth and development of my social skills and personality.The learned faculty of I.T.S has helped me a lot in achieving my life goals and making me a better human being and transforming me from what I was to what I am now.

Name :Ajeet Solanki
Organization : Cognizant Tech Solutions,USA
Designation :Consultant Analytics
College Batch:BCA(1999-2002)


.                                                                                                                                            .

ITS it's not just a name of an institution, for students like me whowished to choose career of there choice other than what world follows, thisis what I found and made ITS different from other institutes. I was always supported and guided to achieve my dream by the best faculties. ITS just not makes professionals it creates the best winners, I am glad that away from home in this ITS parivar I found every relation as like family. I feel fortunate to be a part of this amazing institution and I will always be thankful to my faculties friends list of names will be huge and thank you is small word for what they have given me and became a milestone a good turn and made me who I am Thanks for telling me that NEVER GIVE UP and find ways to achieve what I dream. I wish ITS a great grand success God speed God be with ya..

Name :Shailesh Tyagi
Organization : Golden Event Solutions
Designation :Director Marketing & Operations
College Batch:BCA 2011-14


.                                                                                                                                            .

I.T.S is a temple which I cannot forget in my life. In I.T.S, I have learned how to stand in a corporate world. ITS provides me the knowledge, capabilities, ethics, and values that are essential to having a professional success in a corporate world. It provides me with the specific skills and knowledge required in the field in which I hope to work. ITS helps me to gain more knowledge that will be helpful throughout the life—both on and off the job.

Name :Nikhil Goel
Organization : KPMG
Designation :Consultant- Senior Level, Management Consulting
College Batch:BCA BATCH( 2007-2010)


.                                                                                                                                            .

I had one of the best time of my life in I.T.S college, so many memories i have collected from there, it has the best faculty Members who are always there to help their students. i miss the college canteen where we use to spent allot of time. all the functions and events i have attended in I.T.S college were all amazing, we have a good placement team who is making all the efforts to provide best companies in our college to recruitment. so i miss you I.T.S...

Name : Ankit Goyal
Organization : Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.
Designation :Sr. Accounts Executive
College Batch:BBA Batch (2008-2011)


.                                                                                                                                            .

My experience with ITS is possibly the most admirable moments of my life .With the help of ITS I have substantially improved my understanding of Information technology. Being part of ITS made my life easy as it helped to lead me towards achieving my ambition.

Name :Ankit Gupta
Organization : Grant Thornton India LLP | IT Advisory Services
Designation :Senior Consultant
College Batch:BCA BATCH(2008-11)


.                                                                                                                                            .

It was a great time we spent in ITS college. ITS have very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative and campus environment is very positive.Training and placement department continuously provides assistance regarding the placement. ITS has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities like events, sports, etc. Golden days in ITS. ITS rocks......

Name :Ashi Goel
Organization : Tata Tele Ltd
Designation :Senior HR Executive
College Batch:BBA (2004-2007)


.                                                                                                                                            .

It was really a good time we spent in ITS college. Ragging free campus all over in the college as well as in hostel, provided with faculties with hike of knowledge sports ,events, extra curricular all are fulfilled here. Inspirational teachers and a good department concerned for providing the best placement to students. A healthy studious environment can be found all over the campus .In all aspects it proves to be one the best college of Delhi NCR

Name :Jyoti Chaudhary
Organization : HRIT Group of Institutions
Designation :Admission Coordinator
College Batch:BBA (2008-2011)



"I attended I.T.S College from the year 2006 to 2009. I remember the faculties being very accessible and responsive to the needs of students. The lectures were taught to us in a manner, to foster a lot of interaction between students and faculties. The classes I completed at I.T.S College prepared me to complete my baccalaureate degree. My experience at I.T.S College was very positive and proved to be a good foundation on which to continue my education. I.T.S. College gives you a shaped and developed career for your life. To live your better carrier, in I.T.S you will find many opportunities to develop yourself. I encourage all to enjoy the experience of I.T.S College. It is a life learning adventure you don't want to miss. Soak up the wisdom of the teachers here, for there will be somewhere in your life you will be able to use that knowledge, no matter where you are. "

Name :Dr. Mansi Verma
Organization : ITS Mohan Nagar
Designation :Assistant Professor
College Batch:BBA(2006-2009)


.                                                                                                                                            .



“ I.T.S is one of the premier institutions in the field of Technical and Management Education. I am grateful to be a part of I.T.S family as a BCA student. Where ever I'll go, whatever I achieve in my life, I will always thankful to my Alma Mater for making me what I am today!"


 Name :Shraddha Gupta

Organization : Tata Consultancy Services
Designation : Java n EAI Developer
College Batch:BCA (2004-07)







“I.T.S. is one of the best institutes in NCR. According to me I.T.S. means "It’s Time to Secure" our life and it is the best way because it provides the best faculty and a great learning environment. The courses taught are really helpful in the IT corporate.”





Name :Mr. Pankaj Kumar Vaish
Organization : Wipro Technologies
Designation : Sr. Project Engineer
College Batch:BCA (2004-07)




" Looking back, I can see I.T.S college was extremely important and a stepping stone in my career. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in my field of work. I.T.S has a lot to offer, it has great atmosphere, great faculty, extra-curricular activities and many opportunities to excel you. I have received great support from faculty who will go out of their way to help you. I have also made some good friends here who will stay with me throughout the rest of my life."          


Organization : AON Hewit
Designation :  Financial Analyst
College Batch:BBA (2009-2012)





“I.T.S is an institute where I have learned beyond the books. Supporting faculty and personality development programmes were always the best part of my course. Being ITSian is always a matter of proud for me."


Organization : Modern Engineering Ghaziabad
Designation :  Sr. Consultant
College Batch:
BBA (2010-2013)





ITS provides a wide exposure towards a higher order of academic knowledge along with an overall development of an individual.






ITS provides encouragement, support and willing partnership of its stake ho;ders. It has helped inmensely to shape its students as a ready product for higher challenges.



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