BCA course at ITS provides a professional graduation degree to the students who aspire to become successful IT professionals in life. The course provides them with the fundamental knowledge and equips them with an insight required for developing IT related projects.


    BCA-S101T Computer Fundamental & Office Automation
    BCA-S102T Programming Principle & Algorithm
    BCA-S103 Principle of Management
    BCA-S104 Business Communication
    BCA-S105 Mathematics –I
    BCA-S101P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Office Automation
    BCA-S102P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Programming Principle & Algorithm




    BCA-S106T C Programming
    BCA-S107 Digital Electronics & Computer Organization
    BCA-S108 Organization Behavior
    BCA-S109 Financial Accounting & Management
    BCA-S110 Mathematics II
    BCA-S106P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of C Programming




    BCA-S201T Object Oriented Programming Using C++
    BCA-S202T Data Structure Using C & C++
    BCA-S203 Computer Architecture & Assembly Language
    BCA-S204 Business Economics
    BCA-S205 Elements of Statistics
    BCA-S201P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of OOPS
    BCA-S202P Computer Laboratory and Practica Work of DS




    BCA-S206T Computer Graphics & Multimedia Application
    BCA-S207 Operating System
    BCA-S208 Software Engineering
    BCA-S209 Optimization Techniques
    BCA-S210 Mathematics-III
    BCA-S206P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Computer Graphics & Multimedia Application



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    BCA-S301T Introduction to DBMS
    BCA-S302T Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design
    BCA-S303 Computer Network
    BCA-S304 Numerical Methods
    BCA-S305 Minor Project
    BCA-S306 Viva-Voice on Summer Training
    BCA-S301P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of DBMS
    BCA-S302P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Java Programming & Dynamic Webpage Design



  • BCA-S307 Computer Network Security
    BCA-S308 Information System: Analysis Design & Implementation
    BCA-S309 E-Commerce
    BCA-S310 Knowledge Management
    BCA-S311 Major Project
    BCA-S312 Presentation/Seminar based on Major Project



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